Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mermaid's Cottage Garden and My Real Garden

I've started on the side garden for Mermaids Cottage. I've constructed it using three pieces of ply wood and I took advantage of a rare sunny day at the weekend to paint the wall white. I've also made a tiny corner wall, ready for planting lots of lovely flowers. My head is now full of mini gardening ideas :) and I'm making lots more birds.
Things inside Mermaid's Cottage are also progressing very nicely. I've decided to wait until I've finished it before I show you :)

I'm very inspired by my real garden, it's looking so beautiful and I thought it would be nice to share a few photos of it with you.

If you step through the archway it leads onto the terrace garden. When we moved into this home two and a half years ago the terrace was just concrete but now there's an abundance of flowers and a small area to sit, enjoy the view and watch the birds.
Here's a picture of the abundance of flowers now growing on the terrace.

Foxgloves abound in the garden, we can't get enough of them. The bees adore them and the fairies love them too :)

More beautiful flowers


And the vegetable garden. Just a few things this year, but it's so wonderful to pick fresh salad straight from the garden.

I really love making pansies, they're my absolute favourite flowers, they make me feel so happy!!!
So I am going to make some like these to give to a random commenter on this post. I will make a little set of three pansies in my colourful hand painted pots and will announce the winner in my next post.

This is just a little gift to say thank you to the lovely people who support me and my blog and leave such wonderful comments. Like pansies you make me happy :)



  1. Hi Vicky! This garden is going to be great, can´t wait to see how you are going to do the "gardening" and decoration there. And of course I´m very curious for the interior :-))) Thanks for showing pictures of your real garden!
    Hugs, Sandra

  2. Vicky! Я так рада нашему знакомству!
    У вас бесподобные работы! Коттедж - это шедевр!
    Сад тоже великолепный!
    Горшочки с анютиными глазками как живые. Я тоже люблю эти милые цветы.
    С любовью из России. Елена.

  3. your real garden is wonderful!!!!! You are a very lucky woman because you can live in this so beautiful place!!!!! Also your Mermaid's cottage garden is so beautiful, I love all the small vases!

  4. Oh Vicky, your miniature garden looks lovely and the little wall you've done looks great too and it fits so nicely with the cottage (can't wait to see inside!). Your full size garden looks lovely too and very cottagey:) Pansies always have a smile on them don't they ?

  5. Everything looks do pretty! And your real garden looks beautiful! Looking forward to see the garden of Mermaid's Cottage :)

  6. absolutely beautiful post x i just adore your mini creations and your real life garden- beautiful photography ;0)

  7. What a beautiful real garden, I agree with Luisa, you are so lucky you live in such a lovely place. And the tiny garden looks great! And I can´t wait to see Mermaid´s Cottagge inside too, what I´ve seen it´s great. Lots of love, my friend!

  8. What a beautiful real garden, I agree with Luisa, you are so lucky you live in such a lovely place. And the tiny garden looks great! And I can´t wait to see Mermaid´s Cottagge inside too, what I´ve seen it´s great. Lots of love, my friend!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous real life garden. I can imagine how peaceful it must be to sit there and take in the serenity! Do those floxgloves really have the design inside them like that? WOW! I love your cottage too. It's coming long so nicely. I can't wait to see the continued progress! Thank you for sharing! Pansies are my favortie too and your mini ones are beautiful! Carolyn

  10. Mermaid's cottage garden is looking fantastic. I cant wait to see the wonders you do to it :) I love your real garden. The pictures of your flowers are amazing the picture of the foxgloves is WOW. Lovely idea with the pansies :)
    Hugs Maria

  11. La casa está quedando preciosa!
    Las flores son una maravilla
    Un abrazo

  12. So beautiful your garden! It is really kind of you to have us take a look and get a feeling of the beautiful flowers!! Your little cottage will be lovely!!!

  13. I love this little white and blue house! :)

  14. What a wonderful garden! Your columbines are so pretty, and lush. it looks like the garden of Mermaid Cottage~ darling panises as well

  15. Good you aren't able to see me now... my face is green all over with jealousy about your beautiful garden! *wink* Your real garden is beautiful, typical English with these stunning mixed borders - but your miniature gardening is lovely, too. So exciting you've added this new part... so much space for pretty flowers and cute birds. I envy your mermaids, too... *grumble* Hope we'll get to see more real soon - and please don't wait with showing the inside until it's done - pleeeeeeeeeeeease, I'm curious... ;O) Not to forget: Your pansies are stunning. Your so kind to offer these as a gift, whoever will get them will be very lucky.... oooops, getting green again... teheee.

    Have a great Sunday!

  16. Hi Vicky! I love your handmade pansies so much--I hope I'm the lucky winner! Mermaid's Cottage is looking fabulous--soon it will be home to bees and fairies, just like in your gorgeous real garden. Our garden is so full of foxgloves this year that we keep marveling at them, saying things like, "The garden looks so magical!" No wonder--it's because the fairies are enjoying them too! I'll have to post a photo on my blog so you can see what I mean. :-) Thanks for your precious post--you've definitely brightened my day. :-) Jennifer

  17. I love your dollhouse and miniatures, they are a wonder to be hold <3

  18. It's a real pleasure visiting your blog, in particular I love your header pic, specially love the wee bird and its birdie house. If your RL garden is anything to judge by, the new Mermaids Cottage garden will be awesome. Love, love your cottage garden, you've made it a place of serenity in such a short time. I love pansies too, both big and 1/12th scale.

  19. UAU ! Que casa tan linda que te esta quedando y cuantas maravillas que
    acabo de ver .

  20. Buongiorno Vicky,
    mi chiamo Cora e ti scrivo dall'Italia...Non so spiegarti quanto il tuo blog e la tua bellissima casa mi stanno ispirando nel mio progetto, io adoro i colori che hai scelto e adesso ti invidio anche per il tuo fantastico giardino!!!
    Ti auguro una bellissima domenica!

    P.S. Le tue pansies sono bellissime!

  21. Hello Vicky,
    My name is Cora and I write from Italy ... I can not explain what your blog and your beautiful home are inspiring me in my project, I love the colors of your choice and now I envy you for your wonderful garden! !
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

    P. S. Your pansies are beautiful!

  22. Ohhhhh, Vicky, que jardín ingles más maravilloso que tienes!!! cuantas flores!! es precioso!!
    tus pensamientos son simplemente fantasticos!!Tu jardín 1´12 será precioso y lleno de vida, los colores que utilizas son muy bonitos, y transmiten mucha alegría en tus escenas.
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  23. Wow Vicky! What a beautiful real garden. Your photos are gorgeous. There are flowers that are pure Nature's art! No wonder you are inspired.
    I love your dollhouse exterior. A little annexed garden will be wonderful.
    Hugs, Drora

  24. Vous avez réalisé un jardin merveilleux, un paradis en quelque sorte!!!!!

  25. Wat een prachtige viooltjes heb je gemaakt. Eg leuk.

    Vriendelijke groeten van Xandra uit Holland

  26. Your pics are stunning as always! :D

  27. You've a fantastic garden.
    You cottage is amazing and the garden will be wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  28. oooooooooooohhh! I truly love your real garden!!!!!! I understand why your minis are wonderfully coloured.
    Yes! Your pansies make me smile and happy too because they are sooooooo pretty. Love the pansies and love the tiny rose painted in the flower pot ☺♥

  29. Oh Vicky, your real life garden................I pack my suitcase and I come straight away to you, to enjoy (together with you) of all those beautiful flowers! (Wish I could ;) ) The garden in miniature also looks great, I follow the progress, my friend!
    I love to see your great pansies they are really wonderful and I understand why they make you smile ;)! I can see it on the awesome paintwork on the flowerpots: fantastic work!
    Hugs, Ilona

  30. Your foxgloves are stunning! Your little house is adorable and I can't wait to see the interior. The idea of a walled garden is ingenious. It will be so interesting to see what you come up with. Your real life garden is very nice. It must keep you pretty busy. Please don't count me in for the draw as I never try for giveaways because I don't have a blog. Since I comment here often, I needed to tell you how much I love that little house and the foxgloves.

  31. Que fantastico jardin tienes, no me extraña que los colores que utilizas en las miniaturas sean tan especiales.
    Esos pensamientos son preciosos y seguro que el jardin de la casita te quedara genial.
    besitos ascension

  32. Me encanta el rincón que has puesto con tantas plantitas!!! Y los pensamientos son preciosos y muy auténticos. Tu jardin es una preciosidad. Besitos

  33. Wow! Fabulous!!! We have so many of the same kinds of flowers! Your photography is superb! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  34. Que bonito jardín Vicky, esas campanas me han dejado... son tan bonitas, también me gustan mucho los pensamientos así que cruzaré mis dedos.
    Esta tarde me la pasé pensando en ti jajajja.
    Feliz semana y mil besos...Julia.

  35. Hi Vicky,
    I real like your garden! and I love your mini-house, and these cute flowerpots!!!

  36. The flowers are beautiful! I look forward to the completion of a small garden!

  37. Your little cottage is adorable! Love the colors you've chosen. :D
    I have never seen such a beautiful foxglove before. Amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your garden. It is a lovely one!

  38. Beautiful garden with so many wonderful flowers! Your little Mermaid Cottage is very sweet, can I move in?

  39. Hello from Spain: Your garden is wonderful. It has a wonderful color and flowers. Keep in touch

  40. Hola Vicky!!! Tienes un hermoso jardin y esas flores tan bonitas...Entiendo que te sirva de inspiración!!!!
    Preciosa la pared que has añadido a la casa de sirena, estará linda llena de flores!!!
    Los pensamientos son una maravilla, te quedan geniales!!!
    Besitoooos y feliz semana.

  41. The dollhouse is already looking so cute! I can just picture how sweet it will look when it's done. Your real garden is so beautiful. It must be so fun to sit in with a glass of lemonade and relax. I love your pansies. They are awesome. I'm sure Mermaid Cottage will be full of them.

  42. Your garden is an enchantment. It must be so peaceful to sit there and to see it through the windows. I can't wait to see what kinds of flowers you're going to make for miniature garden.

  43. Hello Vicky, how are you?
    Your garden is lovely. I think I see the little fairies flying flowers of C. M. Barker. Your creative work is spectacular and very sweet. I admire you very much.
    Good night, see you soon.


  44. Hola Vicky! Tu jardin es un paraiso, imagino sera maravilloso pasar tiempo alli! La casa de la sirena quedara hermosa con un jardin tan bello como el real. Los pensamientos son divinos!
    Que tengas un buen fin de semana!
    Un abrazo!

  45. You have a beautiful garden, i am sure your mini garden will be beautiful too.
    Pansies are my favorite flowers also.

  46. Oh, my garden! What a awesome gardens you have!!!
    Your summer is so much ahead from ours.
    I love your adorable mini pansies and flowers in your real garden too.
    I can not wait how your mini garden will turn out.
    Though I now already that it will be the most beautuful1!

  47. Beautiful post. Good week and kisses in your heart.

  48. Dearest sweet vicky,

    So glad to be back visiting you!! Oh my i love your gorgeous Mermaids Cottage!! It's so beautiful! You have such a beautiful garden and i can see how it has inspired your little Mermaids Cottage's garden! I really love all the details and your pansies are just gorgeous!! Have a beautiful week and love to you!

    ps: i will be in touch soon via email!


  49. Lovely, lovely garden Vicky! And it is true about Foxgloves and fairies! :) Pity, since two years I can't put put them in my garden - they refuse to grow :( They would look so nice among my roses... I wait with impatience for your mermaid's cottage and it's garden to be finished and shown :)

  50. Hi Vicky!! This is not a garden, this is a dream.... Full of colours. I love your pansies too. Congratulations. I'm a new follower from now. Hugs.

  51. Wow, Vicky, such a lovely cottage! I love your work, is so inspiring and dreamy :)